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Construction Engineer Training Programme

One of the best ways to discover what life at National Grid is like is from the people who work here. Take a look through our video profiles to see National Grid employees talking about their work, the company and their careers.

Meet our People

Matt Anderson - Construction Engineer Training Programme

We're just under one year into a four year programme now so we've got three years left. We're still at college but the level of training obviously comes down over the next few years so we'll spend more time out on site to gain more experience.

At the end of the programme I'll be taking on the responsibility of a construction engineer which is basically a supervisory/management role and that involves working with teams that are out on site carrying out a replacement programme that's in place at the minute.

Well we get to know when we've done well on the course because we get monitored regularly by having progress reports so basically the trainers keep reports on us as we're going through all our training courses and on the job as well and we get our mentors and line managers to give reports to the trainers. Obviously from college as well we get a yearly report on our grades which actually gets sent back to National Grid.

The best part about this job really is the level of qualifications you get from actually studying on this course really will stand us in good stead for the future. But something else that's really good as well is the new people that you meet that are on your course with you - you meet a lot of new friends doing this job, you build up good relationships with each other and it just makes the whole course a lot easier, especially when you're staying away from home as well.

In the future I definitely see myself staying with National Grid, I base that just on the level of opportunity that National Grid provide. Obviously we're working in the US as well so that's another opportunity that could lead on for all of us.