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Ex-Forces Personnel

One of the best ways to discover what life at National Grid is like is from the people who work here. Take a look through our video profiles to see National Grid employees talking about their work, the company and their careers.

Meet our People

Before I joined National Grid I was in the Royal Air Force as an air frame technician, a rigger. I left the air force and worked for a contractor within the electricity supply industry for three years and then joined National Grid.

The skills that I brought from the RAF are the skills that everyone brings from the military as a whole: timekeeping, punctuality, the get up and go - they’re willing to learn, to adapt, and also teamworking.

The transferable skills are the people skills and the soft skills, the fact that I can be trusted and I can get on with work on my own. I came out of the RAF with a mechanical engineering background and I’ve gone into the electricity supply industry. Obviously I’ve taken that on and I’ve used the things that I learned in the air force and applied that and applied myself, and I’m well on the way to having a bachelor of engineering in electrical now.

I really enjoy the fact that I’m trusted to deliver my job, the support that I get from my management and the interaction that I have with the team that I’m working with. Not just the other NECPMs but within the Alliance, I think it’s a really good working relationship and a great environment.

I was attracted to working with National Grid as they’re massive in the UK, they’re big in the US, they’re industry leaders when it comes to security and safety, methods of working, and the security of the job.

The biggest challenge I found when I left the air force and started to work for a private firm is that in the military if someone’s asked to do something they jump to it, and you can’t always rely on somebody to do that on Civvy Street.

Working for National Grid compares to working with other suppliers in the industry as you’re broadly delivering projects but it’s on a much larger scale. Having National Grid, the suite of TPs and the depth of knowledge and experience that National Grid can offer, and the support that comes with that helps massively and makes it an interesting challenge.