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Experienced - Engineering & Technical

One of the best ways to discover what life at National Grid is like is from the people who work here. Take a look through our video profiles to see National Grid employees talking about their work, the company and their careers.

Meet our People

Andrea Wright - Project Engineer

What I'm working on at the moment means that I'm all over the country working on different sites, not only National Grid offices but partner companies which means that every day is really varied and no two days are the same.

You tend to find that people who work for National Grid display a high level of integrity but also a pride and passion in their work as well. Pretty much in aspects of the gas business I've seen, people want to do a good job and are determined to make sure that everything's right, not cut corners. Make sure that what they're doing is safe, reliable and will last for the long term.

The business has helped and supported me in numerous ways, one of which is to support me to become a chartered engineer, As part of that I had to go back to university to do a few masters modules and they gave me the time to do that - it was day release - but also supported me by providing me with a mentor for chartership as well, to take me through the whole process.

The best bits of my job are that I don't have to work in the office most of the time, that I have the freedom to design my own day. And also getting involved in lots of different projects with different complexities and seeing lots of different bits of the country and also of National Grid's system.

As an engineer I don't think in other companies I'd be exposed to the amount of different projects around, especially with carbon capture coming on - that's really interesting and really current - and I think it's a great opportunity.