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One of the best ways to discover what life at National Grid is like is from the people who work here. Take a look through our video profiles to see National Grid employees talking about their work, the company and their careers.

Meet our People

Yimei Wang

National Grid is going to make a massive investment in our transmission business to upgrade and extend our networks, in order to help the UK meet the 80% CO2 reduction target by 2050.

So Construction as a delivery unit is vital to National Grid’s future success as we have to make sure we have the capability to deliver our capital plan more safely, efficiently and innovatively.

My role is working closely with the partner companies to drive more savings during the investment process. I really feel proud of that because I can make a contribution to National Grid as a whole and also to society, in helping us to become a greener world.

Currently I’m working on the cost assurance benchmarking model. It is a model that will be utilised and embedded into the daily cost assurance process, to ensure the money we spend on our capital project is value for money and to help National Grid to demonstrate to Ofgem that we are able to deliver long term value for money network services to our existing and new customers.

I can see the work I delivered has become reality in the daily business. For example, one of the cost assurance benchmarking models that I developed has been utilised and embedded into the process now, so I feel it’s a real achievement for me.

I have an engineering background but my role is commercial, so I’ve been given a lot of opportunities to attend several training courses which have helped me to develop the key skills I need for a commercial position, such as influencing and negotiation skills, building working relationships and customer service excellence.