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Student Programme

One of the best ways to discover what life at National Grid is like is from the people who work here. Take a look through our video profiles to see National Grid employees talking about their work, the company and their careers.

Meet our People

Thomas Robb - Industrial Placement Student, Transmission

Some of the projects I'm working on at the minute include data mining, which means looking at large amounts of data through the company, analysing and mining into it to see where errors may lie to save the company money.

My career path in the next few years involves going through my final year of my studies and hopefully progressing onto the grad scheme here at National Grid. Through my time on my industrial placement I gained student sponsorship through my final year, and then from the sponsorship I go onto an early graduate assessment centre which will help me progress to professional chartership within my institution.

Some of the best bits about my job have been some of the people I've worked with and the opportunities that I've been given. I've had the chance to go on visits to some of the biggest Liquid Natural Gas terminals in Britain, a hydroelectric plant as well as actually going out to see some of the hardware that the company operates.

The things that attracted me to the National Grid student programme were whilst I was on my second year of my studies,  I thought it would be good opportunity for a break and a really really useful way of progressing my career. The company offers many different aspects of career progression and enhancement and an Industrial Placement gives you a really good insight into the company and how those can benefit your career.

The type of person for National Grid is somebody who believes in the values of the company such as reliability, efficiency and safety; and the power of action - the ability to see a job through till it's finished.