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Corporate Centre

Our central departments support the day to day operation of our core Transmission and Distribution businesses. We recruit candidates for a wide variety of different disciplines.

The departments include:

Corporate Centre

Global Procurement - Responsible for negotiating and contracting goods and services and delivering them in ways that guarantee quality and value to our partners throughout National Grid. Procurement view suppliers and the supply chain as a strategic component of National Grid's business and are constantly seeking ways to improve performance and reduce costs.

Corporate Affairs - Manage National Grid's reputation with our main stakeholders including employees, regulators, political leaders, the media and the communities we serve. Corporate Affairs are determined to help everyone understand the company's strategy and vision, National Grid's positions and how the work we do every day directly influences our reputation.

Shared Services - Own policy development and systems for all National Grid's Finance, Procurement, Logistics and Human Resource transactions - and ensure the process behind these are handled as efficiently as possible.

Global IS - Ensure National Grid has the right IS infrastructure in place - with services covering governance, security, solution delivery and telecommunications.

Security - Vital to a company like National Grid, if we don't get it right, the nation's wellbeing is at risk. And risk is what Security is all about; they can never make anything 100% secure, but everything they do goes some way to reducing risk and enabling National Grid to conduct our day to day business in a safer way.

SHE - Provide support to safeguard employees' and the public's personal safety and wellbeing, and provide expert leadership and support to the business to meet the Safety, Health and Environmental challenges.

Finance - Provide National Grid with accounting policies, check financial reports and offer guidance on business decisions from board to department level.

Human Resources - The primary objective of HR is to provide everyone in National Grid with the opportunity to reach their full potential. To accomplish this, they provide a range of strategies, policies, processes and systems which support employees and potential employees at all stages of their personal development.

Regulation - Develop and maintain the gas and electricity industry market rules within National Grid, and manage the Price Control process with our regulators - OFGEM.

Governance - Good corporate governance is an integral part of National Grid's drive to deliver unparalleled safety, reliability and efficiency vital to the wellbeing of our customers and communities. Delivering sustainable value depends on the trust and confidence of all our stakeholders, and this can only be earned by conducting our business responsibly.

Legal - Provide legal advice and guidance to National Grid's UK businesses. Their philosophy is to ensure that their support and advice is accurate and timely, but above all, tailored to the particular needs of our business and focused on the sectors in which we do business.

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