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We own and operate gas distribution systems in the UK and the northeastern US. Our Gas Distribution UK segment comprises four of the eight regional gas distribution networks in Great Britain.

Gas Distribution UK

Gas Distribution UK

Our networks comprise approximately 132,000 kilometres of gas distribution pipeline and we transport gas on behalf of approximately 26 active gas shippers from the gas national transmission system to around 10.8 million consumers.

We also manage the national gas emergency number (0800 111 999) for all of the gas distribution networks and for other transporters in Great Britain. This service, along with the enquiries line, appliance repair helpline and meter number enquiry service, handled over 3 million calls during 2009/10.

We are required to meet certain standards (governed by Ofgem)

  • Answering 90% of all calls to the national gas emergency number, enquiry line and meter number enquiry line within 30 seconds of the call being connected;
  • Attending 97% of reports of a gas escape or other gas emergency within the required timescale.