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Other Businesses

Our portfolio of other businesses is mainly concerned with infrastructure provision and related services, where we can exploit our core skills and assets to create value for our customers.

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National Grid Metering and OnStream provide installation and maintenance services to energy suppliers in the regulated and unregulated markets respectively. OnStream also provides meter reading services. Our metering businesses provide services for an asset base of about 20 million domestic, industrial and commercial meters.

Grain LNG

Grain LNG:

National Grid Grain LNG was the first new LNG importation terminal constructed in the UK for some 30 years, with construction divided into phases I and II (both fully operational) and III (under construction).

UK Property:

UK Property

National Grid Property is responsible for managing our occupied properties in the UK, and for the management, clean up and disposal of surplus sites, most of which are former gasworks.


BritNed is a joint venture between National Grid and TenneT, the Dutch transmission system operator, to build and operate a 1,000 MW, 260 km subsea electricity link between The Netherlands and the UK.


xoserve delivers transportation transactional services on behalf of all the major gas network transportation companies in Great Britain, including National Grid. xoserve is jointly owned by the five major gas distribution network companies and our UK Transmission business is the majority shareholder.


Blue-NG is a joint venture between National Grid and 2OC Ltd to construct and operate a new type of highly efficient power station that makes use of the requirement to reduce pressure at pressure stations, while generating renewable electricity and heat.